BlockHelix Platform Solution

The BlockHelix Platform has been designed to maintain the confidentiality and data integrity which is inherent of any blockchain solution. The application maintains this by storing confidential contractual information and sharing a replicated log of only ‘hashes’ within the entities of the network. These hashes are one-way cryptographic functions which accurately match a party’s data without compromising on the confidential data itself or the parties involved.

A unique blockchain solution based on the requirements of organizations assisting them in adoption of this nascent technology

Key benefits of our solution

  • Privacy & Confidentiality

    The BlockHelix Platform enables competing business interests, and any groups that require private, confidential transactions, to coexist on the same permissioned network.

  • Security & Immutability

    BlockHelix is inherently secure due to the cryptography methods it uses, the distributed nature of the ledger, and the participants’ agreements upon the transactional changes that occur using their cryptographic signatures.

  • Scalable and Robust

    Because only the signatures (hashes) and read/write set are being sent around the network with the proposed architecture, the scalability and performance of the solution is highly optimized.

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