Financial services being driven by technology in the past few years are now exploring the avenues blockchain is opening for them. Blockchain can cater fintech with both independent as well as consortium initiatives. The market participants are still busy evaluating the value blockchain implementation can add to the industry by transforming:


  •    Payments, transfer and settlement
  •    Risk management
  •    Financial market processes
  •    Credit and loan services


Health-care professionals and technologists all around the world see the potential in blockchain technology as a way to streamline the sharing of medical records in a secure way, protecting the sensitive data, and giving patients more control over their information. With the unique offerings of the blockchain technology, the possibilities to transform the health industry can be endless.


  •    Protection of sensitive date
  •    Permissioned sharing of medical records
  •    Access to information for patients
  •    Medical Billing


With the use of digital identity and notary certificates in insurance, managing the transfer of property to the registration of a commodity are other applications that have widely been tested. The implementation of blockchain can help with lifecycle management to policy execution, and give a new dimension to how insurance industry had been working till this day. The potential of transformation lies in:


  •    Person to Person insurance
  •    Information flow management
  •    Execution of policies
  •    Claim Management

Retail & Supply Chain

The retail industry can be positively shaken by the inclusion of blockchain in it. A whole range of procurement processes like pre-sale and post-sale services in the supply chain to the distribution can greatly be impacted with the blockchain with some processes being:


  •    Order tracking
  •    Enriched Purchasing Experience
  •    Certificate of Authenticity
  •    Smart Programming

Real Estate

Blockchain possesses the potential to optimally enable incorporation of technology in the real estate industry. The technology typically concerns data certification and optimization of financial processes during purchase and possession of the land. Possibilities include:


  •    Land Registration
  •    Property management
  •    Post Possession management


Technology and energy have always gone hand in hand but blockchain can give a sudden surge to the energy trade that the entire world today depends on. The interest of superpowers to big industries is growing in blockchain technology for proposing innovative and secure methods of energy trade. A few possible applications of blockchain in energy are:


      •    Smart grid
      •    Smart charging
      •    Energy Goods trading

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things require unhindered and un-parallel coordination and connectivity among each device on the system and also throughout the system as a compact entity. It needs all devices to work together and stay connected and integrated with other devices to provide a seamless and secure system of communication. This system can prove to be extremely expensive and time consuming, while blockchain proposes a new approach of security to IoT by keeping it on a decentralized ledger.


    •    Peer-to-peer messaging
    •    Distributed file sharing
    •    Autonomous device coordination

Whether public, private or a mix of both, let us assist you in selecting and setting up the most effective blockchain solution for your business.